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Saturday, July 12, 2008

So long since we have had an update!

HI all,

Sorry for the lack of updates..but life just gets so busy and sometimes blogging isn't the first thing on our minds.
Well as you know..summer vacation is here..and the kids are home this summer with dear ole Dad. As James calls it "Chez Papa" LOL.
Our kids will be changing school this September and Presley and Jaden will be heading to kindergarten. So August 8th will be my last day dropping off a child and picking them up from daycare...What a wonderful feeling that will be. It has been 12 years that I have been going to that daycare in the morning and night. I can't imagine what it will be like to head off in the morning..with me just listening to the radio in peace and quiet...oh who am I will be heaven. LOL

I will miss my little passengers in the back..but they are thrilled to be going to BIG school and taking the big orange bus.

Time soon for all the school supplies and the 18 pairs of running shoes that will need to be bought. September puts me in the poor house. LOL

Anyways...a small update..Presley had her 2nd round of Botox in her leg..she was sporting a very sexy cast for 1 week...and than was fitted for her new brace with pretty daisy's on it. She wears it only at night.

She recently had her surgery on her eyes for her strabismus(weak muscles in her eyes) and she is recovering nicely from that. Her eyes are much better.

She has been a real trooper and continues to do amazingly well..

Kennedy will soon not be sporting her braces as they should be coming off in September. Her teeth are just georgous...she is growing up so quickly and is heading for High School this September.

Madison, Colby and Jaden are in soccer so that keeps us busy most nights of the week and Saturday morning.

Jagger is growing like a weed and is enjoying his time home with Dad and swimming in the pool.

Jaden lost her first tooth last week..she slept with a zip lock bag and a piece of kleenex for 2 days..just in case it happened to fall out. When it did she proudly put it in the ziploc and forgot to seal it. She went out in the backyard with it..holding the bag upside down...and you guessed it...the tooth was gone.
She was upset that the tooth fairy would not show..but Daddy took quick action and called the Fairy and she said..that her magic wand would find any missing teeth and not to worry. So Jaden was thrilled to hear. She waited and that evening was the proud owner of 2 dollars.

With summer brings vacation..I have 2 weeks off and can't wait. We are heading to Old Orchard Beach...time for beach and sand and fun together..everyone is very excited. THe 2nd week we will be going here and there.

Last night brought a new member to our ever growing family...a new kitten..his name is Mr. Jynx. He is a dark tabby and is just too cute. My sister rescued 6 kittens and well one of them had to come home with us. So now we have 3 cats..Bailey, Piper and Mr. Jynx.

So much going is so tough getting up in the morning when everyone else is home and and Presley try and sneak out without waking up the house.
Hard to concentrate when it is sunny and warm and everyone is home enjoying their time off and the pool is calling my name.

Our friends D & M came home with their little K...we are so happy for them! Finally K is home where she belongs!

Well I am off for now..Madison is getting streaks in her hair this morning..she has always wanted some blonde in her I figured why not...

Oh yeah..for my b-day in June..I got a is around my ankle..with each of my kids name seperated by a turned out very nice. They will be forever with me! I love it. Thanks for D&M for holding my hand.

Have a great day...I will add some pics to the blog shortly.

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Jednet said...

Ohhh, I want to see a picture of the tatoo on your ankle!

Your babies are sure growing. It's hard to believe that Kennedy will be in highschool and Jaden and Presley are already in kindergarten.Ahhh....Time flies. The pictures of Kennedy are lovely. She's really turning into a little lady.

Dawn, JP, Eva and Jay-Jay