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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Does the fun ever end?

Summer of 2012 has come and is almost gone. The kids are back in school and James is back to work. Seems like I just blinked and it was all over. The kids had the opportunity to go to some sleep away camps and they had a blast.

Kids are happy with their new schools(Jagger has moved to High School this year) and Kennedy changed to BHS for her final year of High School and she is really enjoying it. I am glad as I was a bit worried about her changing schools in her last year. She has done very well and took it all very well. It was her choice and she is not sorry for her decision. Sunday already and just wanted to share that we are still alive. I know I have not posted in quite awhile. I should really start up again. James and I are working hard and just trying to keep the wind in our sails. With soccer, Madison reffing, bringing them to friends, sleep overs and the dreaded school supply lists....we are keeping our heads above water.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to start updating again...

Well it has been a very long time since I have wrote anything here on our blog.
So much is going on in our fast and very busy lives.
The kids are growing up so fast. This month we had Colby's birthday, he turned 11 and Jaden's as well. She turned 9.

Insane that my baby(Presley) of the family is now 8 years old. A baby no more.

I have recently retired from volunteering from my adoption agency..although I love that role and have been doing it for the past 15 years, I just don't seem to have as much time these days to dedicate to that so I decided to hang up my hat for now.

My Mom is not doing well and has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now. Her heart is not working well and causing her many problems. A little prayer for her would be welcome for those that beleive in prayer. My dad has been an angel taking care of Mom for the past 5 months(24 hour care) all by himself for the most part. I think big changes are coming for the both of them in the near future. Sad but it happens as we get older.

Jaden is trying out for inter-city soccer tonight and is so excited to have been asked to try out. She really loves the sport and did very good during the summer. Almost every game she got a goal and was so proud of herself. She is very competitive and always tries her best at everything she takes on. She loves a good challenge.She is in Cubs with Colby and her cousin Kate and always looks forward to it. Her newest challenge is she wants to learn how to snowboard..Lord help me!

Presley had her tendon lengthening surgery in September and has recovered nicely. She is walking flat on her foot and we are happy with the results. She does her exercises every night and wears her brace to bed each night. She doesn't like having it on..but it is very important to keep her tendon pulled to ensure that the results of the surgery remain for as long as possible.She goes for Physio and is a real trooper.

James is doing well...his braces have been on for a year now and his teeth are nice and straight...What a difference. He has about a year to go and then we get to see them beautiful chicklets sans metal. He is enjoying his job at the school and is doing good overall. He too is waiting for surgery..sees the doctor at the end of the month. Hopefully surgery will be soon and he can be on the road to recovery.

Colby is doing good...he has his challenges but overall he is your typical 11 year old who challenges everything I say. He loves playing videogames on his laptop and can spend hours on there. He loves going to Cubs(he is a leader of a group) and really enjoys it. He moves onto Scouts next September officially.

Jagger is 11, going to be 12 in March. Jagger is starting to show the attitude that comes with being that age. Somedays I find it hard to deal with as up until now he has been such a great easy going kid. Attitude starts and my stress level goes up. Funny how they start tuning you out at that age. Hmmm maybe I should start doing that. Jagger loves going to Scouts, he is off this weekend going to Winter Camp and is really looking forward to it.

Kennedy is now 16 and is growing up to be such a great young lady. She is trying hard in school and has decided she wants to go to Dawson and study Illustration and Design. I am thrilled she has an idea of what she would like to do and my god is she talented. I will take some pics of her work and post it here later. Driving lessons are coming baby will be driving a car...oh my!

Madison is 14 and in grade 9. She is in the enriched program at school and is doing good. Now can we talk attitude....she definintely has that. She has spunk and charachter and that makes up who she is. She has a strange sense of humour like her Dad and is definitely the sweet lover in our family. She is my dessert hoover. LOL.

So that is it in a nutshell...when the stress hits max I look at my picture of Jaden writing in the sand in the Bahamas..and the stress melts away. be in the Bahamas again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

St Lazare Cooking Classes - CHECK IT OUT!!

Learn to be a better cook

A La Clementine

2576 Bonaventure St., St. Lazare; 514-799-5570;;

Topics: Mediterranean and French cuisine, and special-occasion cooking.

Instructor: Sherry Egerton, experienced home cook.

Format: Single sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings, three or four-course lunch. English or French. Demonstration and some participation.

Time: 10 a.m.

Number of students: Eight to 11; groups, minimum of eight.

Price: $80; $340 for five sessions, including meal cooked in class and a glass of wine.

Starting: Oct. 2, 2010

This course is given by a good friend of mine. She is an amazing cook!

Well Summer comes to an end soon...

And they are back to school. Everyone is starting to get back into the school morning routine. Bags- check, lunch box downstairs-check, papers to be signed-check, clothes on-check, hair-check, teeth brushed-check, washed face and hands-check, lights off in room-check, bags packed=check, homework done-check, breakfast eaten-check, shoes on-check and of course cheque book on FIRE-check and all this before 7AM in the it it our HOUSE!!!!!

6 kids and 4 different schools...YIKES!

Meanwhile I am getting ready as well to leave for 7:15am...

Pictures and more info to come.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer is creeping in...

Well the warm weather is here...and the pool is up and ready. We had our first dip this past weekend. Lots of work going on in and outside of our house. Always something to be done.
Here are a few pics I snapped from 2 weeks ago and on the long weekend.

Here is a picture of our friends twins..aren't they adorable? They are waiting for Mom and Dad...who should be heading to China in July we are hoping. How exciting for the girls and their new family who is waiting for them.

I will post some more pictures and updates soon...we have the kids in soccer and with practices and games..we are busy most nights....

School is almost done...can't believe another year has already flown. Kennedy heads to Sr High School, Madison heads off to Jr High School..Jagger grade 5, Colby grade 4, Jaden grade 2 and Presley in Grade 1.

Fun stuff up ahead.

More updates I promise.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Baby is Graduating....

And what a beautiful baby she is...Madison is going to High School...ahhhh I am getting old.

Just had to share,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Fever starts today

Well the week is almost up and we are ready to celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend.
Wanted to wish all our family and friends a Happy Chinese New Year. Tonight starts the Olympic games in Vancouver. All those medals you will see on the winners, the Gold, Silver and Bronze...were made by my brother and his team at the Mint in Ottawa, Canada. How cool is that.

May they shine brightly...hopefully many will go to our fellow Canadian athletes.

A little bit about the medals..

Medals by the Numbers

2.05 – kilograms of gold used in production of medals
30 – number of steps in fabrication process
95 millimetres – width of Paralympic medal
100 millimetres – diameter of Olympic medals
399 – medals for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games
500 grams to 576 g – weight of medals, among the heaviest in Olympic and Paralympic history.
615 – medals for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
903 – kilograms of copper used in production of bronze medals
1,950 – kilograms of silver used in production of medals
1976 – the last year the Royal Canadian Mint created medals for the Olympic Games

More facts:

All medals for the 2010 Winter Games were manufactured in the Mint's Ottawa facility.
It took one year of planning, innovation and prototype development to bring the ambitious design of the athlete medals to life and proceed to production.
There are a total of 615 athlete medals for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
There are a total of 399 athlete medals for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.
Weighing between 500 and 576 grams each, Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games medals are among the heaviest in Games history.
34 Mint engineers, engravers, die technicians, machinists and production experts have combined forces to create an unforgettable series of athlete medals.
Over 30 steps, representing 402 days (2817 hours) of precision manufacturing, were taken to produce the medals.
The undulated (wavy) form of the medals for the 2010 Winter Games is a first.
Every Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games medal is unique – no two designs are the same.
To strike the medals into their unconventional shape, a total of 12 undulated dies had to be computer-sculpted and milled.
Given the undulated (wavy) form of the medals, the motifs and text had to be individually laser engraved.
The undulating form of each medal for the 2010 Winter Games was inspired by snow, the sea and the breathtaking natural environment of British Columbia.
The unique design of every medal for the 2010 Winter Games reflects the athlete's individual story and achievement.
The Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games medals include Braille on the reverse.
A clear, protective coating has been applied to prevent tarnishing of all medals for the 2010 Winter Games.
Each medal was struck nine times with 1900 tons of pressure – that's the weight of 760 cars piled on top of each other.

Check it out:

Proud of my baby brother and all his hard work. Bravo Jason!