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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Presley turns the big 5 tomorrow!!!!

Well today was a wonderful day. We woke up and declared today was pancake day...everyone had pancakes to start their morning...everyone than got dressed and ready as we had fun plans for the day. We had planned in the summer to go to Parc Omega for Presley's birthday weekend. Finally the weekend was here!
This is one place our kids love to go. They look forward to our yearly trip to Montebello and visiting the park.

We hoped with all the rain we have been having all summer that this weekend would turn out to be a nice one and we couldn't have planned it better. The sun was out it was nice, not too hot or cold. The park is so nice, you drive through natural areas where there are animals all over, they are in your car windows and the kids can feed them. There are deer, elk, buffalo's, geese, beavers, wolves, bears and so much more. We bought 10 pounds of carrots before we left to feed our animal friends and headed home without a single one left. The park midway has a stop where you get out of the car and get picked up in a hay wagon..where you are than brought to a small farm where there are more animals, a tree house for the kids to play on, pony rides, a pumpkin patch and beautiful relaxing views.

We then headed back to our car to drive the rest of the way through the park...once done one time...of course we headed to the bathrooms and then turned around and did it again. It was so much fun and the day just flew by at warp speed.

Tomorrow is our Presley's 5th birthday. Everyone in the family is coming to spend some time with her tomorrow and she is very excited about the visit. She especially loved it when her Nanny and Popie come. She loves my parents so dearly. A special day for our big girl. She was given a choice on any cake she would like and she chose cheesecake. She defintely has great taste but not a choice I thought a 5 year old would make. So a cheesecake it is...and singing will be happening.

Presley is a true joy in our lives and we are so thankful every day that she joined our family.
Happy birthday sweetheart.

Here are a few pictures from today's adventure.


Our family... said...

What an amazing adventure!!!!! Looks like you all had a blast!

xo Jen

Our family... said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your cheesecake!!!!!

xo Jen