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Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing Teeth, Park Omega, Madison's 12th Birthday, Jagger's Surgery and Halloween...

Here are a bunch of pictures from October until now...we visited Park Omega which is a wonderful park about an hour from our place. We head down there every year as our family loves to go drive through the park, you can walk on some trails, rent a golf cart and go through the park on designated trails...just a lot of fun.

Madison's 12th b-day also came October 15th and she had a skating party and a sleepover with some of her closest friends and family. We had dinner and a cake and she enjoyed her special day.

And well...Halloween...gotta love it...the kids dressed up..and so did James and I..Presley wanted to be a rock star so Gene Simmons and Kiss became our theme(James favorite band of all time).and we had a wonderful time. Of course Kennedy and Madison don't want to hang out with Mom and Dad and we drop them off to hang out with their we didn't really see them dressed up..hence no pics of them really. Loads of candy is now everywhere and can you beleive it....Christmas is next...7 weeks to go. Time to get looking at those decorations.

We have had 5 teeth go missing in the last 2 weeks. Jaden has lost 3 and Presley has lost 2. The tooth fairy is tired of coming to our house so often. LOL.

Jagger had surgery this month and came through like a real trooper. He was so brave. He has stitches in 3 spots and you would hardly know he had anything..other than he is walking like he rode a horse for a week. We are so proud of you came through with flying colors. Thank you Dr Jednack and the Children's hospital once again. I think we have a gold pass for that hospital.

Below are some pictures of the great little fort Colby built in our backyard last is still standing and it is pretty neat I must say. He goes to Cubs and he is very excited about camping and building forts. He is so good at doing those types of things. My little engineer in the making.


Our family said...

Busy Busy Busy! I LOVE the pics!!!!!!! Great to read an update!

Thanks for sharing!

3D said...

Love it! Those are great pictures!

Keep smilin!