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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My 2009 Christmas Party

Well it was a great weekend and already the week is upon us. We were running from one thing to another all weekend but we had a great time. Saturday morning we got up early and had breakfast with Santa. We than headed off to Quinn's Farm as they were having a Christmas Craft Fair and they also have a wonderful bakery on site where they make some amazing stuff. We bought some decorations for our home...some little pictures made out of wax..which I will have to frame well Grandma's tortiere. We will be dining on that tonight actually.

James and the boys than went to film their play that they are doing as part of their Christmas show which is coming soon. Once done with that they started to deliver their popcorn that they had sold over a month ago to fundraise for Scouts Canada.

Once that mission was completed..or almost...we had dinner...and than headed out to skate. They had a great time and than proceeded to check out the lights and decorations around our beautiful little town.

Sunday came and it was my annual Christmas party for my families who are or who have adopted from China. We were about 100 people and it was so nice to see all my great friends and of course all the kids. Lunch was served, crafts were flying everywhere and the kids shouted Santa Santa...and the jolly man in red made a guest appearance.
Each kiddie sat on his lap..or tried to...and all received their gift. We played musical chairs and fun was had by all. These parties are so special to me as I get to see all of the children as they grow. Each year we have some families whose children have just come home and that just melts my heart. To see a couple or a family who have waited so long to hold their child in their arms and finally have her or is just precious.

Just recently Hannah, Emily, Milana, Georgia, Taiga and Daphne have joined our big family...and we are so happy to have them home.

Here are a few of their pics..

Afer the party we headed home where we just vegged out and got ready for the week ahead. Homework was least we tried to..but everyone was still very excited about the party and the fun they had. So much for homework..

This week is my last full week at home next week the kids start their Christmas vacation and than January 4th I start back to work.

This weekend we head off to LIttle Red Riding Hood.

Hudson Village Theatre presents its 9th annual Christmas Pantomime! Fun for the whole family! Farmer Hood's Chickens are being whittled down by the big bad wolf, Granny Hood needs her cottage decorated, and Red needs a new dress to go to the village dance. Tom the Woodcutter wants to take Red to the dance. All these things collide in the wood, ending with the wolf caught, Granny's cottage done up nice and Red and Tom on their way to the dance.

This will be our 2nd year that we will be attending their Patomime. It was very funny last year and we all enjoyed it. Even poppie is attending(aka My dad)

And than next week is Christmas...can you beleive many things left to do..

Have a great week,

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Our family said...

I always love your updates! It was wonderful seeing you and your family at the party! I cannot believe how quickly everyone is growing up!

I am touched that you included Hannah in your pics! Thank you!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!! Let the wonderful times continue!

Hugs, Jen