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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some of what is happening lately...

Well it has been an exciting few months to say the least. Kennedy and James were able to go to the Yangzhou Celebration in March and they had an incredible time.

Right before they left I was layed off from my job where I had been for almost 8 years.

James in January had to go into the hospital for a week..he left needing surgery. We have been waiting for awhile for the date and finally it will be next Wednesday, May 13th. It is day surgery(hopefully) and recovery will be about 3 weeks if all goes well. He has been out of work since Jan 2nd and he is looking forward to going back to work. He will hopefully start early June(for a few weeks) and than will be layed off for the summer.

So both of us will be home with the kids over the summer months. I hope our $$ situation stays pretty stable so we can make it through.

I am looking for work...but with these economic times...there are many people out there who are in the same boat as me.

Presley is doing well and has her 3rd round of Botox injections in her leg this coming Friday. Hopefully all will go well and it will help her to walk flat footed...for awhile. She has also been diagnosed with ADHD and we have made the tough decision to start her on medicaton for it. We need to try and help her to be more focused which will help her in many areas. I am nervous about it..but feel we have to try for her sake.

Madison has an appt with a local agency...her latest thing..she wants to try to be a model/actress. So we have an appt on Thursday to meet the agency and we will see from there. We have to bring some pictures with us wearing different clothes with different hair styles etc. If it is too expensive than this will have to wait til good ole Mom and Dad are both working again. Madison is excited about it. I figured if she wanted to try now is the we are home to take her if she is called. Here is a recent pic of my girls...the two of them we are so proud of.

Kennedy is loving high school and doing well. She is 13 already...and looking forward to driving our cars....oh my 3 years she will be driving...YIKES!

Colby, Jagger, Madison and Jaden are all signed up for soccer this summer...and James is a coach for Madison's team. They love soccer and are looking forward to it.

The days are never quiet in our place....we love having friends and family over on the weekends...never a dull moment. With all that is going on...Life is good!

Let's just hope in September I can find some work and than Life will be even better..



Wanda said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted again. I love to see pics and keep up with the news. Don't stop now!

Wow - about Madison. I wish you good luck (she is a beauty).

We're at

Take care,

Our family said...

Great to hear your update!

I do hope that James got along well with his surgery and that he is recovering quickly.

That is awesome news regarding soccer etc... Summer sun is around the corner! Looks like it will be shining on us this week! Gorgeous forecast!

Take good care Karen. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find something soon.

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