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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Surgery and back to work!

Hi all,

Well James had his surgery and so far so good. He started back to work June 1st and he is very happy about it. He knows 100% if the surgery was sucessful tomorrow when he goes to the doctor. Tomorrow he most probably will have his catheter removed and in 10 days will be healed completely and be able to swim. He was so hoping that he would be able to swim this summer...since he is home and we got a pool a couple of years ago.

The kids are playing soccer everynight of the week almost and loving every minute of it. James is a coach for Madison's team and is a convenor for the soccer busy busy.

Colby visited with our wonderful orthodentist on Tuesday and he will be starting with his braces on June 18th. I think he will be starting with 2 on his front teeth and they will be added as his adult teeth start to grow in.

Presley had her cast taken off on Monday...after having it for 17 days(2 different casts- one blue the other red)...she was a real trooper and she is happy to be cast free. She has to wear her brace every night..but the botox shots in her leg and the cast really pulls her muscle in her leg, making her able to walk more flat can see the difference.

Presley has started her meds for her ADHD and we are seeing some improvements...her teachers indicated she is able to focus more...she is participating in class discussions and activitites more...raising her hand and dancing and singing to their songs in things are looking least I feel a little more at ease with my decision to try her on the meds.

Kennedy finishes classes next week...I can't beleive the school year is almost over..
She will be heading to grade 8 in September..she has some exams over the next 2 weeks and than she is finished..
The rest of the gang finishes at 1pm on June 23rd...and than they are home for the summer.

No real plans for the summer..will hang around and enjoy the summer with the kids.

So much always going on.....there is never a dull moment in our house.

That is it for to watch "So you think you can Dance"....


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Our family said...

Great news and photos!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine (while it is here!!!!).