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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A busy week...

Well we had a busy week last boys started Cubs...and they are loving it...they just got their uniforms and were quite excited about it nice to see. James has volunteered to be a leader so the three of them will be involved. So summer they are all in Soccer and now Cubs. I used to be a brownie and a Girl Guide myself when I was young...way back when. They have both already finished the tasks needed to be done for their house keeping badge. Very gung ho they are!

It has been pretty quiet on the job front...not much out there of interest but I have been applying to a few companies so hopefully something will come of it.

James and Madison are off to an Impact Soccer Game on Thursday at Saputo Stadium(they have made it to the semi-finals)...last week they were lucky enough to go as well...and as they pulled into the parking car decided it was time to release some antifreeze and go up in a puff of although they enjoyed the game...they were thinking..tow the car...late fun...and so far from home..CAA only covers the first 5 kms to your place of choice. Of course our car was in the east end of Montreal..and we had to bring it to Pincourt...which is about 44 kms away. Well it was a late night for them as well for I had to go and pick them up at the dealer(1:30am). My car had been in the shop the week before for air conditioning problems...they replaced the compressor and we came to find out they never connected the hose to the fan...and voila..the liquid and smoke show at the game..things are fixed now and they will attempt to have a great evening one more time.

I headed up to Quebec city with my 2 older girls for the weekend as I had a yearly get together with all the volunteers from our adoption agency. I am a volunteer as most of you know..and I help families through the paperwork, the long wait, I am the lucky one to call the family and tell them of their new daughter or son, help with the travel and be there when they are all safely home..for more paperwork and for moral support if any is needed. It is something that is a passion in my life. I love doing it.

My girls had a nice time...and we enjoyed our night away together. We laughed and laughed and had great bonding time. Note to myself...need to do that more often...just me and the girls...

So my weekend flew was my niece's 6th birthday on Sunday and my sister in laws as well...we could not get together as I was out of town..but I am sure we will do something soon. Happy B-day guys.


Our family said...

As our family knows, you are an incredible support system. You are an angel! You have helped us beyond belief on our journeys to our girls. We could never thank you enough for all you have done for our family.

Denise and Mark said...

Hi Karen,

It's great to see all the new pics. What a beautiful family you have!! All of the children are growing so fast. Hope to see you soon.