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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The crazy life we live..

So back to school has happened...doing homework with 5 kids...holy mackerel...nights just fly by even faster now. We try and do our best but there will be nights we won't be able to do everything.

Kids are doing well...most of them like school...always have to have one or two right..LOL...they like their teachers and the school year if off to a good start.

Kennedy is in grade 8, Madison is grade 6(graduation year), Jagger-grade 4, Colby-grade 3, Jaden-Grade 1 and Presley is in kindergarten. The million papers that need to be filled out have been done and sent back cheque book is once again on fire and the 12 pairs of running shoes have all seen their first supplies..oh my gosh...I have never seen so much stuff...and of course never to be seen again..LOL...I need more pencils already is what I am hearing..can you beleive it.

James is back to school and loving his new challenge. He has spent most of his career with elementary aged children who have autism and has now had the opportunity to work at the high school he tells is another world completely..but he is really liking it. I knew he would.

Me...well I am looking for a job...not that many out there so I keep looking daily. I am busy almost everyday with speech therapy, physio, occupational therapy or some doctor appt or dentist appt. Never a dull moment.

Challenging things in the past weeks for us have been Colby being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism...finally now we can try to pinpoint on how to help him better. He is going for speech therapy every week now and we are starting to see him improve. Finally after so many years. Thank you Debbie!

Jagger is waiting for a surgery date. We recently visisted the doctor and he needs some additional surgery for some manly issues. So within the next 6-12 weeks we should be heading to the Children's to take care of that. It will be day surgery and hopefully he will be feeling no pain in no time. We hope...

My Dad was in the hospital as he woke up and could hardly walk. His leg was in such pain. James brought him to emergency and after many hours they diagnosed him with a torn hamstring....he was put on bed rest for a few days and is now feeling a bit better. Very happy he is doing better..

Our basement (post flood) is almost complete...we have only 1 door left to be installed and we are done. It looks very nice. The kids love their rooms and are happy to have their own space once again. We are still working on setting up the office...but it too is a work in of my glass tops for my desk were broken so I am working with half a desk..but the picture gives you an idea. the little frame with 3 pictures I put together with some pictures James had bought while he was in China for came out very nice and is now hanging in our office as a reminder of China and how much we loved it there.

So much is always going on...and can you beleive it we are about 12 weeks away from Christmas already. My shopping has already there is just to much to do and Christmas dinner etc is usually at our place, so I don't want to wait til December to start shopping.

So much to is my mantra..

Hoping that our friends Dan and Doris finally get to see their little girls' face in the next week or so...they have waited for almost 3.5 years for this moment..and I will be the lucky one to tell them of their darling Daphne...I look so forward to that. They will be amazing parents.

Take care all and talk to you soon,


3D said...

Good to hear that things are improving all around.

Love the framed pictures...sweet!

Keep smilin!

P.S. We can not wait either to receive your call. SO happy that we have had this time to get to know you. It will be 4 years Oct. 1st that we started!!!

Leanne said...

My gosh, I am so behind! I hadn't realised I had hardly looked here since the spring! So much news. You are all so busy. Coaching! Soccer! New cats! Braces, camping, ... the renos are looking good. I like the pic of the girls sleeping in the livingroom. There is one thing you can say about disaster... it brings memories!! I'm glad to hear that Presley is doing well on her meds. I hope TT will settle down. Now you can be sure he dislikes something if they.... make him sit down! She is growing so tall and pretty. Looks like a good birthday. Glad to hear about Colby's diagnosis too... it isn't good to have it but it is much better to know what it is, like Sue's Linden... helps to explain behaviour and understand it and get treatment.

Just thinking about all those appointments, and the renos (what a nightmare... seeing the photos of "in progress" really brought it home! eeee!), AND managing to get in vacations and fun with the kids... y'all are amazing. So wonderful, James and the boys's new camping tradition. They'll just grow to love it more and more as they get older I bet... I can see them all going out with dad when they are all grown adults!

Best of luck to Madison in any modelling, to Kennedy in high school. My gosh it goes fast. Jagger' braces look great (just wait til he gets some more teeth! :D He'll have a million dollar smile!) And Jaden... what is Jaden up to? Cute as always, and the pic of her and Presley in the bath... nice to be sisters.

Take care! I'll try to remember to get back more often! Nice to talk with you tonight. I am really missing the Moms' nights out and feeling disconnected. Soon!