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Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome to our First Family Post!

Well Fall is quickly approaching as the leaves are changing and Halloween is right around the corner. Our house is starting to show the signs of Ghosts and Witches and 8 feet tall headless creepy thing(we have one in our entrance) waiting for the little children to shout "Trick or Treat". I love this time of year. We live in an area that is still quite "Country" if you would call it that and we have lots of trees which are just in beautiful red, yellow and oranges right now.

Time to start putting the summer stuff away before ole man winter arrives.

This weekend we spent Saturday celebrating our Madison's 10th birthday. She had 3 friends over and of course had her cousin Hope and Kennedy tag along as well. We went to see the movie "Game Plan" with the "Rock"...boy is he something to look at...anyways I digress....

The girls and Madison had pizza afterwards followed by cake and the opening of presents..don't we all love presents..

She received some money(which she loves) and some bead kits and a beautiful soft fluffy blanket which she quickly wrapped around is so nice..I wanted to sleep with it.

She also got a student size guitar with case from her Auntie Anne which she loves and has been walking around with for most of the day on Sunday. She has been practising on James electric guitar for the past few months...that one though is too big for her and the one that she got for her b-day is a perfect she is gung ho about learning how to play.

Sunday I re-modeled an armoire that I had bought which was for the girls room to hang up their clothes as they had no closet in their rooms...well I bought some shelves and took the drill and voila I have now made it into an armoire with 5 shelves..and will now use it for the boys room. Shortly we will start re-doing their room as it is time. The little train and car border has had its' day..after all my boys are almost 8 and 7 years old.

We had a busy weekend as usual.

Today is officially Madison's 10th birthday. I love you Madison and wish you many more wonderful years ahead of you. Madison is my little "Avril Lavigne", for any of you who know her you know what I mean. She is the Tom Boy of my girls. She is funny, loves life, is very laid back about things(a good trait to have) and loves it when I shop in the boys section for her. She likes nothing pink or too girly. We love you Maddy...Happy Birthday!

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