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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 years have flown by...

This Friday was our 10th anniversary. We celebrated with a ring for moi and Wee Fit for James. Hmmmmmm...I still like my gift better. LOL
Anyways we celebrated at one of my favorite restaurants "La Perle". They have the best Hunan Dumplings aside from the ones I make. We had a nice dinner and were finished by 8pm. Kennedy was holding down the fort while we were out...we headed to the video store and ended up with a family movie for everyone. We came home..the kids were excited to see us. We had hot chocolate, watched "9" which was pretty good, we made a fire in the fireplace and just vegged out. It was a nice evening...and we ended up where we belong..home sweet home.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband James...who has helped me with our brood...we are a pretty good team. I love you honey! Are you ready for 10 more? The picture below is too funny...he makes me laugh...we were at the museum where there were some unicorns...

Next year we will celebrate out 11th anniversary, standing by my brother in Miami while he says his " I do's" to his lovely lady. We will than leave for a week in the Carribean. We are all looking forward to it. A nice way to celebrate our anniversary I must say.

Hugs to all,


Our family said...

Happy belated Anniversary Karen and James!

Sounds like you had a lovely anniversay together and looks like your 11th will be amazing too!
Definitely lots to look forward to!

Leanne said...

Hey! Congrats on ten years!