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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our week..

So the days are flying by since I have been back to work. It has been almost 4 weeks and I am enjoying my new job. Lots of challenges but it is interesting, educational and working on many projects. I am glad to be there.
With the hours in the days flying by James has been amazing and does the groceries and prepares dinner so as soon as I walk in the door supper is served and we eat together.
I was worried that eating together every night might happen less and less..but I enjoy our family dinner where we laugh, talk and share what happened over the course of the day. Sometimes of course it doesn't always turn out that way and we have crying, fighting amongst other emotions..

This weekend the kids are busy and we are driving. I should have a meter installed in my car now.

Kennedy has a sleepover with her good friend, Jaden and Presley are having a few friends over for a play date. They are looking forward to it. We will make cookies together for their snack. They will love it.

Madison is away on her grade 6 Grad trip at Jouvence. She has been looking forward to it since September. She was all packed and ready to go on Monday...even though she wasn't leaving until Wednesday. She comes home on Friday. The house has been much quieter without her smiley(wink wink)face around. We love you Maddy...and miss you ..

Had dinner with some friends this week..always a good time...talking about adoptions and helping in any way I can.

Thinking of the people of Haiti as I watch CNN each night. So happy that some of the orphaned children have been brought home to be with their families who were in the process of adopting them. My heart goes out to all those who are now without their families, without food and a home to call their own. It is so horrible to watch but incredible at the same time to see the resilience of so many who are trying to go on with their lives regardless of the devastation around them.

I have 2 friends of mine who had just arrived in Haiti, arrived in their hotel and the earthquake hit. They were so fortunate to make it out of the hotel that collapsed on top of them and find their way to the Canadian Embassy. They are home safe and sound. Thank God he watched over them!

Presley gets her new brace(sporting kitties and hearts) tomorrow. She will have to wear it all day day..and she is not a happy camper about it. She needs it though as her right foot has been getting worse. Her knee is always hyper extending and with the brace they are hoping this will help with that.

Always a busy life...but it is all good...we are so fortunate...we are alive...we have a, family, friends, food, clean water.....we are so lucky to have what we do.



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