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Friday, January 15, 2010

A weekend of Birthdays!

Well today is our Colby's 9th birthday! WOW! 9 years old I can't beleive it. That means I now have two six year olds until Sunday and two 9 year olds. I love you Colby and hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Colby has cubs tonight and he loves we will have a quick supper(his favorite-Shepherd's Pie) followed by his birthday day (cake with ice cream cones all around) and than of course presents.

My niece Kate also celebrates her 8th birthday today and a party will be held for little miss tomorrow. Our girls are going to the party and than the rest of the family will head over to Nancy's for Kate's favorite meal of Spaghetti. We love you Katie..Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Sunday brings Jaden's 7th birthday and both Colby and Jaden love bowling so we will go to play bowling(our family and Nancy's as well), have lunch there and finish things off with Jaden's birthday cake. She has chosen Sponge Bob this year. I hope you love your presents Jaden. Big hugs to you my baby girl.

My babies are no longer babies and are growing up so fast. Time just goes so quickly you don't see them growing turn around one day they are 2 and than you turn around and they are 7. I just can't beleive it.

Jaden and Colby..we love you so much. You are so special to me and Daddy and life would just not be the same without you both in it. I thank my lucky stars everyday that you are part of our family..

Enjoy your BIRTHDAY weekend. We love you!

Mom and Dad

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Our family said...

Sounds like an incredible time! Happy celebrating!!!!! Enjoy!